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Located along interstate 5 south of the Grapevine and north of Gorman California. Lebec Automotive serves Lebec, Frazier Park, Pine Mountain, Gorman, Grapevine, Fort Tejon, Lake of the Woods, Neenach,
Lake Hughes, Laks Elisabeth, Lancaster, Bakersfield, Valencia, Hungry Valley>

Quailty Auto Repair for Lebec, Frazier Park, Grapevine, Pine Mountain, Gorman, Quail Lake, Lake Pyramid
Lake Hughes, Nenach, Pinion Pines.

Engine, Mechanical, oil changes, radiator, over haul, electrical, clutch, brake

Call 661 248-6357

Engine rebuilds, tune ups, water pumps, power steering, brakes, struts, electrical, air condition, compressors, oil change, lubrication, radiators, thermostats, gaskets, cams, timing, filters, muffler,
exhaust, suspension, chassis, air filters, oil filters, emission controls, performance exhaust, value
jobs, pistons, rods, cranks, thermostat, thermostat switches, batteries, wiper blades, vacuum tubing,
wiper motor, air conditioner condenser, wiper motors,

We do not repair transmissions
Lebec Automotive recommends Kern Transmission (ask for Ken)
2907 Brundage Lane
Bakersfield CA 93304 (661) 636-0157

Contact Cartwright for alignment work at
10012 Main Street
Lamont, CA 93241 (661) 845-0844

Lebec Automotive for quality auto repair, auto service, auto maintenance and service

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Lebec Automotive
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Lebec, 93243

Phone: +1 0661 2486357 +1 0661 2486357


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